Make frontend, not war

15 Mar 2015
I've been doing a bit of front-end development lately. I've spent some time using grunt, then gulp, then both just to compare them. All to find they both implement only a subset of the capabilities of the standard GNU Make more

GitHub style Pygments syntax highlighting in Jade

1 Mar 2015
Since I started blogging a few months ago, I fought with syntax highlighting on every step. I played around with manually highlighting my code for best results, but I very soon realized I simply do not have the patience more

The $15 standing desk

24 Feb 2015
It's been years since I started sitting for money (and occasionally programming) and It's not doing my body any good. Inspired by some of my friends and in an attempt to continue my healthy existence I built myself a standing desk more

Volume control with a non-multimedia keyboard on linux Mint 17 Xfce

27 Nov 2014
I used to have a nice multimedia keyboard with all the fancy volume buttons and even a calculator button. I never even noticed them being there until it grew too nasty to look at and I had to have it incinerated and I bought a new one. A normal, cheapish, office-grade keyboard. It dawned on me soon after. I'll have to change the volume by clicking on the tray icon and scrolling like a peasant in the middle ages. I decided to deal with it and soon found a viable solution more

Why the long options?

12 Nov 2014
Nobody really needs a short answer when looking to understand something. When I'm writing a script (or a blog post), chances are somebody is going to (have to) look at it at some point. Whether a devoted reader or an unlucky colleague (or me) two years from now, long switches are like helpful little inline documentation more

Change Magento's contacts page url

3 Nov 2014
In my Magento development workflow I strive to avoid any non-code changes and settings when creating the e-shop (and yes - it is possible). That' why I wrote an alternative to creating an unnecessary redirect for customizing the contact page url more