About me

I enjoy four spaces per tab on properly formatted sources and online documentation; the internet, GitHub, Linux Mint Xfce; crisp shirts; canoeing, hiking; coffee(script), cafes, tee, movies; Google; YouTube, learning new things, writing, pencils, reading; Deep Purple and much more.

I've written php, html, (pl/)?sql and (k|ba)sh, (Coffee|Java)Script, awk and /regexp?/ for money.



+420 776 592 138

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About this site

Written in the jade template engine with Sass and literate CoffeScript. The design is based on the Lanyon theme for Jekyll , but rewritten from scratch in Sass. The page and blog builder runs in Node.js and the whole site is put together by the GNU Make.

The whole site is more or less an excercise in front end development since I am mainly a back end guy.